Read Acts 1:6-11 Ascension of Jesus

  • Does it seem like that Jesus’ disciples understand him yet?
    • The disciples were always trying to figure out who Jesus was and what he was going to do. Jesus said and did many things that the disciples would not have expected the Messiah to do. This is why the disciples sometimes failed to grasp what Jesus was saying and doing. Jesus surprised them in many ways and most recently his resurrection.
  • What do you think they expect Jesus to do now?
    • They were expecting him to do what they thought the Messiah should be doing, but he was always surprising them with how he acted. They were expecting him to overtake the Roman Empire and be king of Israel. BUT He then leaves them and promises to send a spirit of power, so that they can bring the kingdom.
  • Does it seem surprising that Jesus trusts his disciples to carry out his message?
    • Jesus is leaving them/us with a big command to do his work.
    • The Spirit is with us to equip and guide us through this, which is so comforting!
    • We are will humans though, that can and do mess stuff up, but even in that we know that the Spirit can work.
  • What do you think it means when Jesus says being his witness to the ends of the earth?
    • What does it look like to witness?

Read Acts 10:44-48

  • How do you react to the Holy Spirit Moving?
    • I know that I’m usually surprised because the spirit moves at unexpected times and places.
  • Who was the Holy Spirit Surprising?
  • Where would you be surprised to see the Holy Spirit moving today? Do you think the Holy Spirit still surprise us today?
  • What do you expect from the church?
    • We all have so many expectations of the church and usually they are set to a VERY high standard. I like to think of the church in the way that I think of Mission trips. There is a three-day rule on mission trips called the fish rule…after three days’ fish starts to smell. Also on mission trips after a lot of time together everyone starts to stink, not just for real, but we start to notice what we don’t like about those around us.  With the church and each other after much together time we need to check our attitudes. There can be so many things we like, but sometimes there’s the one thing that we really don’t like out of a huge list of what we love. This can be the work of the devil trying to divide us, but the Spirit can and does unite us.
  • What should the church look like?
    • What should churches have?
    • Read Acts 2:43-48
      • How does this church look? What looks appealing?


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