We’ve talked about the letters these last couple of weeks, and we around to talk about 4 other letters tonight. The letters may seem like they don’t apply to us, but these were written to early Christians as guidance and empowerment to them in their early faith. I think these letters can still pertain to us when we look at them big picture wise, because especially in confirmation we are young in our faith as we continue to grow it.

1 Timothy 1:3-7

What would love from an impure heart, a bad conscience, or insincere faith look like?

  • Poor intentions. May be a misguided or manipulation love. Could be out of guilt or desperation to gain love or acceptance by God.

What does love from a pure heart, good conscience, and sincere faith look like? Can you think of a time when you saw someone offer or act out of this kind of love?

  • Authentic service or love. Not looking for anything in return

We see love is greater than the law again. Why is this such a big deal?

  • Love neighbor as self or as Christ loved you.

There are things about the Bible that have been said so much, that we start to believe it though it isn’t true. Can you think of other examples?

  • This too, shall pass (Persian poetry) | cleanliness is next to godliness (the Talmud, oral Jewish law) | little drummer boy | God won’t give you more than you can handle (1 Cor. 1:13 Refers to temptation not burdens) | God help’s those who help themselves ( ancient Greek lit)

1 Timothy 4:12-15

What is Paul’s message to Timothy? (early 20’s)

  • Be an example and don’t let people down on you because you are young..

What gifts does Timothy have?

Have you ever felt this way?

  • You may not realize this but…I look young for my age. Being 27 there are many times where people think that I’m way younger than I am, but context is everything too. When people see my wedding ring or me with Henry they believe that I am older. This has been problematic in some roles that I’ve had because of how people look at me when I teach or lead classes. It’s like I’m playing dress up or a token…

Hebrews 10:19-25

What is our Christian walk supposed to look like?

  • The Christian life isn’t one that is meant to be lived alone. This even ties back into us as just humans. We all have a desire to be in a community and be accepted and safe.
  • Acts 2:40-43

James 2:14-17

Faith Changes us and transforms us. There is no way around that. What are some ways that faith has changed you? Works are a fruit of faith.


Many of the New Testament letters were written to encourage churches and individuals. If you were to write a letter of encouragement, to whom would you write it and what would you say?

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