This summer St. Mark will offer two mission trip opportunities.

Fundraising Brochure 2017

June 10 – 17
Rooted Partner Synod Journey
Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tuscon, and Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon and Southeastern Iowa Synods of the ELCA are excited to announce Rooted, a partner synod journey aimed to strengthen one another for life and mission within the body of Christ.

July 9-14
Chicago, Illinois

Our second trip will give our youth the opportunity to see God at work in Chicago, IL. Our youth will have their eyes opened to people and situations they have never experienced.

How Can I Help?

Such amazing opportunities come at a price. That’s where you come in. We are calling on you invest in our youth and the future of our church. We’re not just asking you for arbitrary amounts of money. Instead, we’ve created various levels of investment so you can decide how much you and your family feel you can contribute. If one of the levels doesn’t specifically fit your family’s giving ability you can simply donate what you feel capable of.

  • $20 – Shareholder’s Investment
    Although a Shareholder’s Investment won’t purchase anything specific, it will be combined with others to help provide support for the things we will need throughout the trips.
  • $50 – Meal Investment
    A Meal Investment provides the funds necessary to feed even the hungriest of our youth for a single day on either trip.
  • $125 – Hands and Feet Investment
    A Hands and Feet Investment will provide one of our youth with a way to  journey to be God’s Hands and Feet Chicago.
  • $200 – Flight Investment
    A new trip that we are invited on this year is to the Grand Canyon Synod to collaborate with our brothers and sisters in the Southwest. Giving at this level will pay for one way of a youth or leaders flight.
  • $300 – Registration Investment
    Although you can’t help families navigate the websites, registration forms, and waivers they’ll have to fill out before we take off, a Registration Investment will pay for the cost of registering one youth or adult for the Southwest or Chicago Trip.
  • $700 – Total Trip Investment
    If you’re looking for a way to completely change the life of a single youth, a total trip Investment is the way to do it. With this generous donation, you sponsor the entirety of either trip for a single high school youth.
  • $18,500 – Total Mission Investment
    Perhaps you’re feeling very generous, or maybe you’re just curious. Whatever the reason, since you’re looking, I suppose we’ll tell you. If you make a Mission Trip Investment, you will sponsor not one, not two, but all of the 25 youth and 6 adults who will fill the 33 slots on the Mission Trips.

Investing Methods

  • Cash/Check
    The simplest way to invest in our youth is with a one-time donation. Simply label the donation with “Youth Mission Fundraiser” on the envelope or memo line and turn it in to either the offering plate or the church office.
  • Simply Giving
    Another way for you to invest is to Set up automatic payments using Simply Giving, administered by Vanco LLC. Using this method you can contribute with a Credit Card, Debit Card, Checking Account, or Savings Account. You can set up a one-time, recurrent weekly or recurrent monthly donation yourself by using the online giving interface found at or by contacting Chris Wirth in the St. Mark office. Fees associated with this type of donation with be covered by the Youth Mission Fundraiser.
  • Thrivent Choice Dollars
    If you are a Thrivent member and accumulate Thrivent Choice Dollars, don’t forget to direct your dollars to a charitable organization no later than March 31 of the following year. If you direct your dollars to St. Mark and would like them to support the Youth Mission Fund, contact Chris in the church office to let her know how many dollars you directed.

The Benefits of Investing

  • Lent Soup Suppers – Our mission trippers will be sponsoring soup suppers as a thank you for supporting us in general. This will be a chance for you to see our youth in action.
  • Parents’ Night Out – As investors of any level you will receive exclusive access to Parents’ Night Out. We’ll hold these events quarterly.
  • Investor’s Banquet – In August, after the youth have returned from their life changing trip, we’ll be inviting all of our investors to a banquet where we’ll show off our videos from the trip, share how the trip changed our lives, and announce next year’s trip!

Important Dates

  • Pledge Deadline – 2/26/2017
    In order to better plan for this year we are asking that everyone participating in the Youth Mission Fundraiser turn in a pledge card no later than February 26, 2017. This will ensure that we can successfully plan our missions budget for 2016.
  • Donation Deadline – 5/28/2017
    We need all of our pledges to be filled no later than May 28, 2017.