Summer 2017

In 2017 we will be upping our Mission Trip Game. This year we will be offering two separate mission trip opportunities, both will be national. I will be highlighting details from both trips this week on our blog, so stay tuned through our Facebook page, Twitter, or here on the blog.

Click below for information on our summer trips.

June 10-17, 2017 – Rooted Partner Synod Journey to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Phoenix, and Tuscon

July 9-14, 2017 – Mission Trip in Chicago, IL

For more information please click on the link below:

Mission Trip Newsletter

Registration for the either or both of the trips is due Sunday, November 1st at noon during our first Parent’s Meeting.

Register Here!


Q: Who can go on trips?
A: Any current 8th-12th grader is welcome to join us for summer trips!

Q: Can I bring a friend?
A: Of course! Talk to Tim (, Minister to Youth and Youth Adults if you want to bring someone.

Q: How do I pay or make a donation?
A: You can pay by check, or online. If you are interested in our fundraising process you can see our blog here.

Q: Trips are HOW MUCH?!
A: Mission trips are expensive. There is no way around that. BUT here are St. Mark we are blessed with such extravagant generosity that families haven’t paid more than the deposit for trips! Though, if fundraising isn’t as successful as we hoped, we will ask families for donations, though we don’t foresee this being an issue or if it is, a lot of money. Remember, Money is not a reason not to go. Talk with Tim about scholarship opportunities, this is a confidential process and no one except for Tim will know who is scholarshiped and who isn’t.

Q: I have more questions.
A: Talk with Tim. You can reach him by email at or phone at 223.4208