Rapid City Day 2 (7/11/2016)

Day 2 of our mission trip to Rapid City was our first day on our work sites. We we split up into four different groups, two of all St. Mark Youth and two groups mixed with Hope Lutheran from Fargo/West Fargo, ND. At our sites we worked with lots of different groups.

Our first group spent the day clearing out a lot where Habitat for Humanity will be beginning construction later this week. Our second group split there day between a food bank in the morning and a nursing home in the afternoon.

Sadly the other half of our youth were unable to gather videos from there sites due to confidentiality issues. But throughout the next couple of days I hope to capture the youth sharing the amazing stories that have already begun to take place at the Club for Boys (an organization which strives to equipdboys to become young men) and Black Hills Works (an organization which cares for people with mental disabilities of all levels.

The youth loved the comments from yesterday, and actually wanted me to keep on reading them after I ran out, so keep them coming today!

  1. Loved all your comments about your day. Also enjoyed watching you snake up the mountain and relish your accomplishment at reaching the top.
    You are all making a big difference in the lives of God’s people! Thank you!

  2. I’m so proud of all of you for the great work you are doing in that community. Seeing the joy you can bring to others sometimes by doing the simplest thing is awesome! You take with you your families love and the prayers of your church. Gentle hugs to all. Momma Wombles

  3. So proud of all of you. Each person on this trip leaves a mark of Christ’s love on the people/area you are touching!! Make memories and most importantly, bring love to all.

  4. That was an awesome video…loved the music! It is interesting to hear you tell what you are doing each day…love the smiles…you are doing the great commission…go and tell! Others will feel your love that God created you to share. Can’t wait till tomorrow to see the next one. (Hi Catalina!)

  5. Awesome! It is exciting and inspiring to hear and see the wonderful ministry you are sharing with the folk in Rapid City.!

  6. Great video! We are so proud of all the work you are accomplishing through Christ. We continue to pray for all you are doing.

  7. Happy birthday Julian!
    So proud of all of the youth and the great work you are doing. We love watching the videos and seeing all of the happy faces as you do the work of our Lord. Special shout out to Zach and Justin, we love you!

  8. Looks like a great trip so far!
    Glad you are making a difference in so many lives young and old.
    Logan I heard a little ND accent come out in your voice… Loved it! 🙂

  9. I hope everybody is having a great time! I remember all the mission trips I was able to go on with the St. Mark youth group and they are some of the my favorite memories! You are all doing amazing things and working hard to help others so keep up the good work! Have fun and enjoy your trip! Also, Austin you need a hair cut.

  10. Looks like you all are working so hard but having fun, too…what a great experience! We pray you are a blessing to everyone you meet…love God and love each other!

  11. Cherish this moment. Cherish this day. It is evident that God is making a difference in your life just because you simply said yes to His call.

    Neat that you are each having your own unique experiences.

    Loved the beautiful and creative dish stacking skills!

    Love to you all!

  12. Hey Reid and Lily.
    Reid did you have fun looking at dates on cans?
    Lily what was your groups name and what did you do at the place where you went?

  13. Hi Everyone! It looks like you are doing an amazing job and having a great time serving God and others and exploring God’s creation! God be with you all!! Love you all, but especially Rob and Josh!

  14. Loved opening up this video and seeing Rebecca at breakfast with Emme! Hope your day was even more meaningful than you expected it to be!
    Austin, you impressed me with the powerful way you handled that pickax – wow!
    Found myself thinking of “Lord of the Rings” watching you all march single file up the mountain – you are definitely on a quest for good out there!
    And happy birthday, Julian!
    We all enjoyed watching this video, seeing you all, and hearing your stories from the day. Can’t wait until tomorrow!
    Hope you can get to know the “Sleeposaurus” while you are out there!
    Hugs and love to you all!

  15. Love the video and explanations on what you’re doing. Can someone explain what mountain/hill you climbed up? And what’s the deal with the mail/brown paper bags on the wall? Sounds like Julian spent his birthday with a cold. I hope you’re getting the medicine you need to get better. Shout out to Reid and Lily.

  16. Climbing the mountain is like your mission. It’s amazing how something so rigorous and challenging can be so rewarding and fulfilling.

  17. Keep up the good work everyone! So glad to hear the “adventure” is going well. I hope that while you’re making a difference for others, this experience is making a difference in you as well. I’ll bet it is !
    God bless.

    Sally Ehlert

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