1. So great to see what an impact this is having on all of you and I am sure you are impacting others greatly! Continuing to pray for all of you!!

    Love you Josh and Rob. You too Mariel.

  2. I love seeing your updated videos. You guys are doing an amazing job. Keep it up. I get to live vicariously through you.

  3. Thank you, parents, for sharing your youth with the Rapid City community this week. It is a blessing for me to see how they’re using their talents/skills and God’s love to make a big impact! Believe me when I tell you they are working hard and they will return exhausted!

  4. Love seeing your joy and energy in helping those around you! It is an an awesome and humbling experience when you know that even doing dirty “odd jobs” is blessing someone else. You guys are an inspiration — keep up the good work!

  5. Hey Reid and Lily.
    Reid what ice cream did you get?
    Lily why did you get a mocha shake that has a lot of caffeine in it do you want to stunt your growth?
    Love you Both a lot.

  6. Lily thanks for sharing the artwork. Could tell you had a great connection with Jacob and the other people you met!

    Rob, glad you stood up for #MarielMatters, but #don’tpickonReid

    Yes “one can make a difference” which is always exciting (shout out or not).

    But one “can” can have a date, but no guarantee that is exciting πŸ˜‰

    Keep the love, kindness and service flowing!

  7. Wow! It’s so great to see all of you having a great time. It’s obvious you guys are truly making a difference in the community that you are in, you all should be very proud.

    Reid-That was a pretty good burn…I bet you could EASILY get Rob back though!

    Tom- Any new fun signs? πŸ™‚

    Thank you Andrew for the videos, you rock!

  8. Looks like you kids are having a good time! A special shout out to my parents. I am having fun at my grandparents house. I like to eat Bella’s food and sometimes I take her treats away from her. When grandma leaves to walk Bella I don’t even howl anymore because I know they will be back plus grandma gives me a special treat before they leave. See you soon.

  9. Great to see that you are having an impact and great experiences. Keep accounting Justin. I always knew you wamted to be like your Dad. Quit avoiding the camera Zach. #marielmatters

  10. Great Job Everyone!
    Thank you for representing St Mark in such an kind and caring way! You are setting a GREAT example for all the younger siblings!
    Your smiles and Enthusiamsm are contagious- keep it up!! ❀️

  11. Great job!!! There is nothing better than to give back to other people! You are making your friends and family very proud!! Have a great night and enjoy the rest of your trip Miss you LoganO

  12. Hi, everyone!
    I loved seeing you all in your Black Hills shirts! When you are all together, working together, supporting each other, you are truly a force to be reckoned with! Great stories for the “root” “rose” and “bud”! It is so true that whatever time you give to someone else, or whatever job you help with, no matter how small it seems to be, is a gift and a blessing to that person.

    Indigo, hearing you share how you made someone laugh….well, you did it…you made me cry! What a special way to reach someone! And Lily, with your pictures – so sweet!

    I feel so very proud of all of you! Looking forward to more stories tomorrow….and some karaoke video!! Thank you, Andrew, for making it possible for us at home to get a glimpse of what happens out there!

    Rebecca – so glad you got some ice cream while you were out there!! We don’t want you to go into withdrawal! We’ll eat some here and think of you – love you so much!

    Hugs to you all!

  13. Ev it is wonderful to see you work so hard for a great cause. Dad is thrilled about all you are learning- you will be a great help around the yard:-). We love you!!! Mom, Dad and Nate

  14. I’m glad to see that everyone is having a terrific time. I guess it’s true…those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.

  15. We love both of our children! Mariel does matter. I was trying to share the love by giving shout outs to others. Like shout out to Indigo and Logan and those who went to Black Hills Works. How awesome the connections you’re making! I didn’t see Julian in the video. I hope he’s feeling better. I know Mariel’s day was made when she got ice cream. That makes everything better. Hope you can make it one more day and then you can sleep some on the beach and sleep in the van coming home. The memories you’re making are worth the sleep deprivation. Lots of love and prayers.

  16. Way to go, crew! Turning conviction into action. And sometimes even the smallest things can make the biggest difference. Great to see the dedication and enthusiasm in your faces. Shout out to letter L (Logan)! I expect a karaoke update: song choice and performance rating. πŸ˜‰ We love you.

  17. Lily, it was so neat that you could see the effect you had on Jacob so soon after doing the art work with him. This is what the whole trip should do for you.

    Love you girl

  18. Mariel, we are sending you our hugs too. So glad that you got to go on this trip and are enjoying all the activities that they have planned for your group. We pray for you and all the kids on their faith journey.

    Love Grandpa & Gandma

  19. Hmmmm…our internet is being flaky, so I don’t think my comment for today made it through. I apologize if this is a duplicate (Andrew can delete!)

    Wow – seeing you all in your blue South Dakota shirts is so great – you definitely look like a group to be reckoned with! When you open yourselves up and give even a little of your time, you truly are a gift and a blessing to the people you are with. That’s true even when you get home. πŸ™‚ I’ve seen the light of Christ in all of you, and it is BRIGHT!

    What great stories you shared today as “thorns,” “roses,” and “buds”! Life is full of ups and downs, but all experiences help us grow, and make us more sensitive to what others are going through. That’s a good thing, and makes your spirit strong.

    Indigo, hearing your story about making someone laugh….well, I have to tell you, you made me cry! What a special way to reach out and touch someone’s heart! And the paintings Lily shared – so sweet!

    Rebecca – we were happy to see that you got ice cream while you were out there! We didn’t want you to go through withdrawal this week! Love you so much!!

    Hugs all around – can’t wait to hear tomorrow’s stories and watch some karaoke video!!!!!

  20. We love the video peeks into what’s going on during your trip (thank you, Andrew!). So proud…keep up the good work, have fun, and be safe! Thinking of you all and praying for you, too!

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