1. Especially enjoyed this last video and could feel the joy and passion that you all experienced this week!
    Looking forward to seeing you back home safe and sound with your hearts full and with stories to share.
    God’s continued blessings to you all. And thanks again to the chaperones and leaders willing to give of your time and your love.

  2. Hi kids,
    You are such an inspiration to me as I watch your daily video highlights. By taking time out of your summer break to go do something for others is a sign of a compassionate character and a generous spirit. Qualities that God loves to see in his people.
    I will pray that you have a safe trip home.

  3. Once again I am amazed at how God’s love is flowing so freely through each and every one of you. As you close this important week, may you continue to be the light of love, peace and grace to the world. Especially in our world today “May the peace that passes all human understanding keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus”

  4. So proud of you all and grateful you have had this experience that God will use to shape our lives. Prayers for safe travel home.

  5. I’m glad to see that you got to put your talent to use while there, Catalina. You have a beautiful voice and I enjoy watching you perform. I hope you all had a great last day and travel safe tomorrow.

  6. Awesome!! Just incredible work y’all are doing!! At some point in your lives you will reflect on things you have done in your life, and you will think back to this trip and everyone of you will be proud of what you’ve done and will cherish these memories

  7. Enjoyed the video updates and how St Mark youth are sharing Jesus Christ.

    Before you leave Rapid City stop at Eileen’s Cookies. Best cookies ever!!

  8. So excited that you will be coming home tomorrow. I pray you all get home safely.
    Shout out to those finishing their first mission trip. I hope you have been inspired to do it again, now that you have seen the impact you can have on there: Mariel, Taylor, Nick, Justin, and Andrew (hope I didn’t forget anyone).
    Julian, hope you get some sleep on the way home. There’s lawns waiting for you to mow! Lots of love.

  9. So excited for you all and this wonderful opportunity to serve (thank you chaperones and sponsors!). So excited, too, to see Ben and Becca tomorrow…yeah! 🙂

  10. Have a safe trip home tomorrow! I hope you had a great day at Custer and have lots of great memories from your trip! God be with you all!

  11. Just wow. If you guys were tired, it is well hidden behind the abundant smiles and gracious ways you were talking with, and about, all the people you were with. Your joy and kindness is so evident – not just to the people you were with, but to each other. You will leave a little piece of yourselves there in Rapid City, while bringing home a piece of it in your hearts and memories.

    Josh – even with the costume, we recognized those dance & guitar moves!

    We enjoyed seeing Austin continue the “bun” theme!

    And Rebecca – glad to see your math skills are still sharp!

    We really are so proud of our St. Mark kids!!! Can’t wait to see those vans pulling into the lot tomorrow, bringing you all home!

  12. One final comment for Andrew, Jordyn, Sue, Tom and Denise –
    You leaders are amazing. You serve so generously and selflessly. We parents couldn’t ask for better caretakers of our kids while they are away. You have shown them by example that service to others is not just serving the community “out there,” but is also about taking care of each other. We are little families, but we are also a big family. Christ’s love is truly amazing, and you make that so apparent.

  13. What a great opportunity you have been given this past week! I enjoyed seeing and listening to the talents you all shared and the fun you had!!!! Safe Journey home!!! (Hi Evy! From G And G! I think I saw GC running on top of Mt. Rushmore!)

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