Last night was a great night of CREW! We played some box Frisbee outside in this beautiful fall like weather before large group started. We are going to have a great year together!


We started out talking about how religion and science can work together and not be at odds. Genesis is a common book of the Bible that is called scientifically inaccurate.  There are questions that the Bible answers and science answers another set of questions, though they can support one another.

We looked at the big picture of Genesis; which is how we are created in God’s image, and we make mistakes but yet God still loves us. As you read through Genesis, one can think, “how are these people in the Bible?” but we see how God still loves and provides for them. We know that God loves and provides for us still to this day, and will continue to.

We also talked about how God gave us dominion over creation, and how can be good stewards of creation.

To Ponder…

  • How are we made in God’s image? What qualities does God have that we do?
  • How can we take better care of God’s creation?
  • All families have stories that are passed on or told frequently at family gatherings. What are some of those in your family? What is the origin of them? What does it say about your family?

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