There’s a Psalm for That

The Psalms contain 150 prayers, songs, and poems, but they are so much more than just the format they are written in. The Psalms all evoke different emotions experiences in relation to being human. Kind David (yes David from David and Goliath) has been attributed to writing much of the Psalms.

The Psalms were written over a long period of time, so there was a lot of life that happened while the Psalmists were writing. There were people in exile, captivity, good times, and sad times. This is a good look at the life that the Israelites lived.

The Psalms can give us language for worship and prayers, when we don’t know what to say. Think about our lives and how there are good times and bad. Times where we feel hopeless. Whether you are feeling happy or sad and looking for a way to pray or the words? Simply look in the book of Psalms. Last night students filled out a card that says “all the feels” as students were looking through Psalms they were able to write down Psalms that spoke to them.

At the times of struggle or sadness we don’t always know where to turn or feel we can’t take it to God. First off, God is big enough for us to take our sorrows and joys to. He also wants to hear from us, his beloved people. The Psalmists wrote some really sad songs, poems, and prayers to God about how bad life was. That is ok, we can go to God with those and God will be there with us. The beautiful part of the Psalms of sadness or desperation is that they are still worshiping God and looking to God.

There are also Psalms about people who are thanking God for creation or praising God for the blessings they have. As stated earlier, the Psalms engage many of the emotions.

I know that in tough times, it is hard to see where God is or to even worship God. We want to run and not be in God’s presence. I challenge that though, prayer works and talking with God can help in these tough times.

The Psalms are great example of what a life of faith can look like. The Psalms aren’t a guide on how to live. These Psalms are a great example of worship and prayer.

Know too that in tough times part of God being with us is through our peers. Your small group leaders, pastors, and I are available to talk and pray through tough times.  God is always with us


What emotions do you wish Psalms included?

What Psalms speak to you now?

Can this ancient poetry still speak to us?

How can the Psalms provide comfort?


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