CREW Questions

Why do I feel like God is never there for me anymore?

Where is the best place to first find God? How do you find him truly?

Can you see God with human eyes?

Do animals go to heaven?

Why do we doubt sometimes?

How do I deepen my faith?

How do I become a better disciple?

Where did God come from? There was nothing before God, so where did he come from?

Is God there for us all the time?

How does God see what we are doing all the time, when there are so many people to look out for?

How old was Jesus when he died? X2

Why is God not as involved as he used to be?

Why were Catholics trying to sell faith?

Why did God give the name Jesus?

Why did God have so many people writ the Bible?

Why did God create us to die?

Why when will God tell us what we are supposed to do in life?

Is God a he or she?

Why do people die?

Was Jesus married and have kids? Any pets? A job? X2

Why was Jesus’s ministry only 3 years long?

What is a sin?