Lesson 1: We Need Each Other

Lesson Overview

God didn’t create us to “go it alone” in this world. Sometimes we isolate ourselves because we want control or because we don’t realize the benefits of true community. Spending time alone to get rested and renewed is good, but God created us to experience community—meaningful connections with others. This lesson will guide teenagers toward the realization that God doesn’t want us to live an isolated or disconnected life.

Lesson Objectives

  1. WHAT: When we lead lives of isolation, we are not pursuing the full life that God has planned for us—we are designed to live in community.
  2. WHY: Teenagers learn an essential spiritual truth when they recognize how God has created them to need others and to benefit from close connections with others.
  3. HOW: Students can encounter and experience God in a fresh way and can ask Jesus to help them live in harmony with others.

Primary Scripture

Psalm 133

Secondary Scriptures

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 and John 13:34-35