Lesson 2: We Can Treat Each Other Well

Lesson Overview

Junior highers can easily feel like the world is against them—that they would be better off alone. But they are capable of pushing back and dealing with these emotions—especially when adults believe in them and encourage them. Jesus wants us to build healthy friendships, and teenagers can embrace that truth. This lesson will help your students discover how a community of people focused on Jesus can lead lives that impact others.

Lesson Objectives

  1. WHAT: A deep devotion to Jesus and to his followers draws us to a lifestyle that isn’t consumed with self-centeredness.
  2. WHY: Teenagers can discover the powerful of Jesus-centered community in their lives and the lives of others, even during the tumultuous junior high years.
  3. HOW: Having open, honest relationships with other Christ-followers offers teenagers a way of living that draws them closer to Jesus.

Primary Scripture

Acts 2:42-47

Secondary Scriptures

1 Peter 3:8-9