Navajo Nation – Day 5

Here it is! Day 5, today we really got in a groove and did some really awesome things. We want to thank all of you who have done anything at all to make this trip possible. This video will show you some of the amazing transformations that have happened this week.

Let us know what you think!

Navajo Nation – Day 4

Today we returned to work on the walls and painting of Good News Church. We’re really excited to see their building become more inviting!

We also had our first day of VBS today. We had 13 kids show up which was almost double what we expected and definitely an answer to our prayers (and yours)!

Thanks for all the comments! The kids favorite part of the day is getting to hear from their parents and friends back home! Keep them coming!

P.S. Our prayers are with you all as you go through some tough weather. Stay safe everyone!

Navajo Nation – Day 3

After 2 full days of traveling the time finally came for us to begin our mission work. We’re partnering with the local congregation at Good News Church to do some awesome work on their building to make it more inviting. We also had our first opportunity to see our VBS Site at the house of a local named Eddy Jimmy.

Don’t forget to comment below…we’re listening (you’ll see how in the video)!

Navajo Nation – Day 2

This is our video from day 2, traveling from Albuquerque, NM to our home base for the week in Houck, AZ.

Due to some technical difficulties we are having trouble accessing our video files from day one, so you have not yet seen that video. We probably won’t be able to have those compiled into a video until after the trip because of file formatting.

But here’s day 2 for ya. You should comment below, and I will read those comments to the kids…who knows, you may even get a response from tomorrow’s video!

If you’re having trouble watching the video you can find it on youtube here: