ELCA Youth Gathering – Day 3

Although we’ve already made it back safely, we have a few more videos to post. Internet was surprisingly hard to come by and when we did have it, it was fairly slow. So, uploading the videos took a back seat to being with the kids.

With all that out of the way, here is the Day 3 Video. Today was “proclaim story” day. This was our opportunity to meet and worship with the other youth in the Southeastern Iowa Synod. We had been running on very little sleep so enjoy all the awesomely fun things all the kids and adults do when they are sleep deprived!

Please comment below to share your support and prayers with the kids. I can’t wait to show you what else we’ve been up to!

If you’re having trouble viewing the video here, please click on the following link: https://youtu.be/wgsXjIlwh1c

ELCA Youth Gathering – Day 2

Here is the much anticipated debut of the Day 2 Video! Today was “proclaim justice” day. This was our opportunity to serve the city we’ve travels to. Although we had to fight through some long delays, all of the kids were extremely patient and flexible. I’m so proud of them. We only got to serve for two hours, but the kids made up for it by working extremely hard.

Please comment below to share your support and prayers with the kids. I’ll be reading your comments to them at 10:30pm central time…so get your comments in early! Can’t wait to show you what else we’ve been up to!

If you’re having trouble viewing the video here, watch it on youtube: https://youtu.be/SDhAv-F0Gao

ELCA Youth Gathering – Day 1

Well after a 24 hr delay due to some faulty internet at the hotel, this is the video from our first day at the ELCA Youth Gathering!

We met with St. John’s Lutheran Church and Capitol Hill Lutheran Church at 10pm on the 14th and then spent the night traveling to Detroit. When we arrived in Detroit we were able to get our first taste of the Gathering’s over 30,000 people and what opportunities worshiping together.

Be on the look out to see Julian compete in the first day of the Gathering’s Version of the Voice

Please comment below, and I will read those comments to the youth later on tonight!

If you’re having trouble viewing the video above you can watch it directly on youtube by clicking the link: https://youtu.be/PMMczrpydFs

I hope to have yesterday’s video available later today (I’ll be using a different internet option).

Navajo Nation – Day 7

Here is the video from our final day in Arizona! It was so cool that the youth decided to give up some of their free day to finish the work they started. I’ve been so blessed to witness all the growth from this week.

I finally got it uploaded after a day with no internet. Sorry for the delay!!!

Navajo Nation – Day 6

Here is the video from Day 6 of our mission trip. We had a ton of fun on the worksite, I think it’ll show a little bit.

This evening we walked up to the top of the large hill next to our house. We did a bible study and a little bit of worship up there. I was amazed to see how much everybody has grown this week. We don’t have any video of the worship time because it was too dark, but I encourage you to ask about it when we get back.

Enjoy the video and please, comment below!

Navajo Nation – Day 5

Here it is! Day 5, today we really got in a groove and did some really awesome things. We want to thank all of you who have done anything at all to make this trip possible. This video will show you some of the amazing transformations that have happened this week.

Let us know what you think!

Navajo Nation – Day 4

Today we returned to work on the walls and painting of Good News Church. We’re really excited to see their building become more inviting!

We also had our first day of VBS today. We had 13 kids show up which was almost double what we expected and definitely an answer to our prayers (and yours)!

Thanks for all the comments! The kids favorite part of the day is getting to hear from their parents and friends back home! Keep them coming!

P.S. Our prayers are with you all as you go through some tough weather. Stay safe everyone!

Navajo Nation – Day 3

After 2 full days of traveling the time finally came for us to begin our mission work. We’re partnering with the local congregation at Good News Church to do some awesome work on their building to make it more inviting. We also had our first opportunity to see our VBS Site at the house of a local named Eddy Jimmy.

Don’t forget to comment below…we’re listening (you’ll see how in the video)!

Navajo Nation – Day 2

This is our video from day 2, traveling from Albuquerque, NM to our home base for the week in Houck, AZ.

Due to some technical difficulties we are having trouble accessing our video files from day one, so you have not yet seen that video. We probably won’t be able to have those compiled into a video until after the trip because of file formatting.

But here’s day 2 for ya. You should comment below, and I will read those comments to the kids…who knows, you may even get a response from tomorrow’s video!

If you’re having trouble watching the video you can find it on youtube here: http://youtu.be/QP6uElohN8I